Lenovo Livepods LP12 HiFi DSP Noise Reduction Wireless Earbuds 藍芽耳機




 Bluetooth 5.0: 10 meters effective distance, more stable connection, no disconnection, lower battery power consumption, more powerful transmission efficiency, and zero delay when playing games;

 Connect in seconds after booting: master-slave switch black technology, pick up the pairing, support back connection;

 HIFI sound quality listening experience: 6D sound effects, metal composite moving coil unit, kinetic energy biological diaphragm, graphene diaphragm, air resonance, bass cavity;

 400MAH large-capacity battery: 30 hours of battery life, 8 hours of single battery life, built-in charging protection IC;

 One-key touch: AI smart touch, simple and fast;

 Binaural HD call: MIC noise reduction, combined with DSP intelligent noise reduction technology, high-definition call, just like face-to-face communication, without fear of interference;

 Comfortable to wear without falling: suitable for ergonomic design, long-wearing without pain, light and no pressure, and can not be thrown away when exercising;

 IPX5 waterproof: no fear of perspiration and rain;

 Fully compatible: mobile phones and tablets can be used, compatible with mainstream Bluetooth devices, and support multiple APP platforms;

 AI three-screen power display: smart power display, power level at a glance, smart detection of power level, full power off, and battery protection.

 Single and dual ear independent mode: Regardless of main and auxiliary phones, single and dual ears can be used independently, and two mobile phones can be paired independently;

 AI intelligent voice assistant: Easily wake up, call, check the weather, and ask for navigation, all with one sentence.