PIR Motion Sensor Night Light Nursery Lamp for Bedroom Motion 3 Colors



Hong Kong

Product Description

 The simple and elegant appearance adopts the design of reflective and breathing lights, which will not irritate the eyes when the lights are on at night, and the simple design can be integrated into various decoration styles. Integrated Light and Sports Sensor of motion detector night light, in automatic mode, when the room is bright, it will automatically turn off, no need to manually open, in the dark room, the sensor detects motion, will automatically illuminate. Small and simple design, magnetic installation method can place the motion sensor night light where you need it, such as bedrooms, baby rooms, aisles, corridors and stairs, etc. High-efficiency LED lamp beads and high-quality lithium battery, power saving and worry-free choice. 350rotation, lamp holder can be rotated to adjust the light area, to meet the lighting requirements of multiple directions.