Lenovo LP12 Thinkplus HiFi Stereo Noise Reduction Wireless Earbuds



Hong Kong

Product Description

 HliFi stereo subwoofer - The latest audio analysis technology, high frequency, intermediate frequency,low frequency can be clearly presented, bringing better sound quality.

ENC noise reduction - The dual microphones can communicate clearly, effectively isolating environmental noise, and can communicate clearly even in crowded streets.

Compound diaphragm - The treble is transparent without distortion, the bass is thickand pure, and the sound quality is delicate and pleasant.

Dual independent chips - After the headset is successfully paired for the first time, take out the headset again to automatically pair, and quicky connect without waiting.

Silicone cavity - Unique headphone head design, not only can reduce noise, but also comfortable to wear.

Ergonomic design - Stable and comfortable to wear, you don't have to worry about earphones falling when you travel.

Low latency - Enjoy the smooth gaming experience brought by low latency.