Hohem Phone Gimbal Stabilizer iSteady XE



Hong Kong

Product Description

➤ Quick Mount and Start: First of all, unfold iSteady XE, then tighten the knob, and keep smartphone clamped centrally, that's it! It start to work after powering on.

➤ Upgraded Stabillization iSteady 7.0 Algorithm: Taking your smartphone shooting to the next level, allowing you to create smooth on-the-move footage with ease. It is improved by 30% as anti-shake as the previous generation and has more powerful motors that operate more efficiently.

➤ Lighter Weight: At 259g, this is the most lightweight 3-axis smartphone gimbal for creators on the move.

➤ Better Hold: The motor torques have been improved by 30%, ensuring that your phone can stay where it needs to be, even when carrying larger smartphones.

➤ Independently Magnetic Fill Light: 3 types of light colors with 10 brightness levels, the magnetic fill light can be used on iSteady XE to highlight subjects with excellent lighting wherever you go. Surprisingly, it can also function without being magnetized to the gimbal.

➤ Simplified Control: Quickly switch between Landscape and Portrait Mode by pressing function button once, quickly switch between gimbal modes (PF/PTF/L/POV) by simply pressing M button once, and quickly enable Inception Mode(spin shot) by simply pressing the function button three times.

➤ One-Tap Blockbuster: You can make blockbuster with little effort thanks to diverse shooting templates in the app.