Xiaomi Mibro O1 Sport Wireless Open Ear Earphone



Hong Kong

Product Description

■ Feel Modeling

Baby feel technique makes it feel smooth yet comfortable. The ergonomically designed radian ensures uniform force on ears and empowers comfortable wearing.

■ Professional Speaker Quality

The 15.4mm dome-top composite titanium membrane speaker and advanced audio processing technology, Which empowers successful audio information transmission, Strong bass and bright high pitch, Creating clear yet transparent sound quality with rich details.

■ ENC Call Noise Cancellation

Our ENC algorithm can suppress 75% background noise and isolate human voices, Creating a live sound effect.

■ IPX6 Waterproof

Enjoyable exercise IPX6 waterproof can effectively resist water in daily use.

■ One Step Auto Pairing

After connecting for the first time, you can quickly pair the earphones with your device each time you take it out.