2 in 1 High Precision Magnetic Stylus Pen Compatible With Android and iOS



Hong Kong

Product Description

【2-in-1 Stylus Pen】 A clear disc tip at one end and a durable fiber tip at the other allows you to see exactly where you are pointing on the screen and effectively protect your screen from fingerprints or smudges

【Extensive Compatibility】 This stylus pen works on all touch screens including iPad, iPhone, android phones, notebooks, tablets, touch screen computers and all others

【Precision & Sensitivity】 The stylus pen tip is clear and thin which allows you to see through and fine point. You get a quieter, more accurate writing and drawing experience

【Cute Design】 Stylus pen is designed with lovely body and clear disc tip. The pen body is made of aluminum and is light weight, just like a traditional pen, but with high precision

【Two-Way Magnetic Cap】 Magnetically attached cap will absorb at each end of stylus pens. Maximum protection on both sides of the pen, durable and convenient